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Mobile development

We work with platforms: iOS, Android and web.

We develop event apps, business apps, games, apps for internal distribution, apps for App Store, Google Play.

We know how to build single apps, app ecosystems and complete integrated solutions (that include API, Admin panel and a mobile app or apps).

We have knowledge and experience with the following business domains: audio calls and video calls, VOIP apps, navigation and mapping apps, geolocation-based apps, translators, business (B2C) apps, messengers, ticketings systems and many many more.

We use the tools you want: Swift/Objective-C, Kotlin/Java, Xamarin, ReactNative, Flutter, Ionic

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud development

Microsoft Azure: API, WebApps, WebJobs, Databases, Notifications, IoT, IoT Edge, Blobs, Queues, VMs, Cognitive Services, Analytics and Insights, Cosmos, Custom Vision, ML, AI, Functions
Amazon AWS: Compute, Storage, Notifications, IM, Databases, IoT, ML, Lambdas
Google Cloud: Compute, Functions, VMs, Storage
Digital Ocean: Droplets, Storage, DNS, etc.

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ios development company, android development company, developers

Game development

We use Unity3d to deliver high-quality games for iOS, Android, and PC
We create AR/VR/XR games for Oculus and Steam stores
We support you all the way from a game concept to publishing

Customers trust DreamTeam Mobile!

Our priority is quality and results.
We help our customers to achieve their goals and help their business to succeed.
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Example audio video VOIP call app for iOS Android

Showcase: Audio/Video calls app

We are the team that has strong expertise in developing full-cycle apps for video and audio calls. We know how to do that

1. Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Web)
2. High-quality and connectivity awareness
3. Functional (screen sharing, snapshots, chats, etc)

We will help you to integrate various audio/video service providers.

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Showcase: Maps/Navigation/GPS/Location Apps

DreamTeam has expertise in mapping and navigational apps with millions of downloads of popular apps.
We've built location-based apps, services, and SDKs.

Showcase: Taxi ecosystem

We built several Uber-like apps ecosystems for everything (not only taxi). This system can match your unique service with customers on demand. Includes client/provider apps, API and admin, etc.

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developers on demand, quick learning

We are a technology company

Our team always learns how to build new systems in the most efficient way, taking into account existing infrastructure and resources available.

1. You need full control - we will go native for you!
2. You have a small budget - we can go cross-platform but still with quality and performance!
3. You want more web-friendly even in the app - we will use React-Native or even Ionic!
4. You are on a really limited budget - we can go full web and still mobile first!

Ready to discuss your idea?

Let's have a meeting together, discuss your dream app idea, and understand how we can help your dream to come true. Book a time with us now, it's absolutely free!

taxi app, uber app, delivery app, driver app, lyft app

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