Audio and Video calls
with Xamarin


Xamarin and Xamarin Forms support audio and video calls.

We are the team that has strong expertise in developing full-cycle apps for video calls and we prefer to do it on Xamarin. Why?

crossplatform, Xamarin Forms support, Xamarin, forms, support

Xamarin supports calls from iOS to Android, Android to Web and etc.

quality, Xamarin Forms support, Xamarin, forms, support
High quality

Calls can achieve quality up to 30 fps with 720p resolution

functional, Xamarin Forms support, Xamarin, forms, support

Apps support Bluetooth, Airplay, calls recording, CallKit integration, push notifications and other advanced features

Xamarin is fast

Being compared to alternative leading development techonologies, Xamarin-based apps show extremely good results in latency perfomance tests


Easy to integrate

Just several lines of code. Simple as that.

We’ve prepared sample apps to try and quick start video calls with Xamarin

ipad, Xamarin
OpenTok, Xamarin
Agora, Xamarin

These apps support different call providers, such as OpenTok, Agora and others

We are mobile apps professionals

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language, Xamarin, forms, C#
Single language

C# is a solid and modern language

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Single team

No need to have separate iOS and Android teams

codebase, Xamarin
Shared codebase

Less bugs, easier to introduce new features, 50-90% code reuse

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Contact us for help or advanced scenarios