Slack Team360 Bot App by DreamTeam Mobile

Team-wide performance reviews with a quick Slack poll command


Meet team360 – Slack poll bot designed for everyone! It helps to collect, aggregate and track every team member performance without hustle, without long writeups, and without endless performance reviews.

Slack Team360 Bot App by DreamTeam Mobile

Slack Team360 Bot App by DreamTeam Mobile

How does it work

The team360 bot will give you an understanding of how your evaluation of yourself matches the team’s evaluation. Every team member will provide every other team member a quick evaluation, by selecting one of three available options from the slack poll:

  1. Underperformed
  2. Performed Well
  3. Overperformed

Once enough feedback is collected, a workspace owner can manually announce the results to the rest of the team by using the announce action. As a result, the stats are aggregated and returned to every team member as an average of all evaluations. The leaderboard will be posted to the general channel of your workspace and will reflect the top 3 team leaders!
You can collect feedback as often as you need, but no more than once per month, every round of evaluations is associated with the current month. The team360 will send monthly slack reminders to gather feedback. At any point in time, as a workspace owner, you can preview intermediate results by using the stats action. As a workspace owner, you can also send another request for evaluation during an active period by using the evaluate action. In this case, the active period will be reused and team members will be able to update their existing evaluations.

The app has two roles with the following actions available. Actions are plain text messages you can send to the bot:

Owner role

As a workspace owner, you have full control when to initiate a 360 evaluation, when to announce the results and have stats visibility of every member. The following actions are available:

  • help (sends info on actions available)
  • evaluate (sends an evaluation request to every team member)
  • retry (sends out an evaluation request slack poll to yourself)
  • remind (reminds to complete an active evaluation)
  • stats (sends aggregated stats to yourself)
  • announce (sends aggregated stats to every team member and the leaderboard to the general channel)

Member role

As a regular member, you will receive evaluation requests from owners and will have the ability to review and track your personal evaluation based on an average value from team evaluations. The following actions are available:

  • help (sends info on actions available)
  • retry (sends an evaluation request to yourself)

Try it now with an easy installation from the Slack App Directory, bot Landing Page or using this direct link if you don’t like to open any more page 🙂