Uploading iOS DSYM files to AppCenter - oneliner

Uploading iOS DSYM files to AppCenter – oneliner

Tip: how to upload iOS symbol files from command line without logging into AppCenter. 3 easy steps

Step 1. Install AppCenter command line: npm i -g appcenter-cli

Step 2. Setup API token in AppCenter: AppCenter.ms -> Settings -> Api Tokens

Step 3. Run command below to upload iOS symbols to AppCenter

appcenter crashes upload-symbols -s path/to/YourApplication.app.DSYM --app "AppCenterOrgId/AppCenterAppId" --token your-appcenter-token

For example, for a typical Xamarin iOS path would be YourIOSProject/bin/iPhone/Ad-Hoc/YourIOSProject.app.dSYM

You can get your AppCenterOrgId and AppCenterAppId from your url – just go to the app details and see for the address bar:

on the image AppCenterOrgId would be DreamTeam-Mobile-Center and AppCenterAppId would be Burn-Vibes.

By the way, that would be Burn Vibes iOS app 😉

Big thanks to Chris Ball for sorting this out: https://discuss.bitrise.io/t/upload-to-azure-mobile-center-step/2120/12