gMaps 3.5 update for Windows with offline mode

gMaps 3.5 update for Windows with offline mode

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We have prepared new surprises that you can find in our gMaps 3.5 update for you. They are simply stunning!

Offline mode

Let’s begin immediately with the most pleasant news. We have now offline mode in gMaps. It is already available in the latest 3.5 update. In order to fully enjoy the offline mode, you need to perform a few simple steps: in the settings you will find the button “Offline Mode”. By clicking it, you can download offline maps (system-wide). And then, in the Layers panel, click the new button “Offline”.

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Done! Now you can safely disconnect the internet and continue to use the basic functions gMaps.

If you still have internet, the search will be done using online services. If not, we will search offline. Try it now – it is very convenient!

Download the latest gMaps 3.5 here.

Offline maps

Downloaded offline maps? So you can now use gMaps without internet connection. In this case the following functions will be available:

  1. Search
  2. View details of the place (address, geographic coordinates of the place)
  3. Adding locations to favorites
  4. Building a route. Without access to the Internet will be offered only one variant of the route, with no alternatives.
  5. Navigation along the route
  6. Night view of the map in driving mode
  7. Compass
  8. Layer favorites

We also fixed a bug that did not allow you to run gMaps without internet.

Search and build routes

We can not skip that we have not lost ability to build a route through several waypoints with offline maps. Just as in the online mode, you can build routes not only from point A to point B (as do HERE Drive + and HERE Maps), you can add up to 7 points in one route both online and offline. We do everything for your comfort!

Consider the convenience of this functionality with a simple example: You need to make the journey from New York – Philadelphia – Allentown – Perkasie – Hackettstown. However, it would be very easy to just build the entire route, so you do not get distracted by the navigator and immediately evaluate the whole trip? With HERE Maps (just an example) you will be disappointed: the route can be laid strictly from point to point, and therefore, for the whole journey will need at least 4 times to pull the phone. With gMaps  you will not have such problems. Regardless of the mode (online or offline), you can build a complete route and not be distracted over it.

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Navigation is even better

We have corrected some errors in navigation mode:

  • If you deviated from the route planning, the application will instantly react and rebuild the route, according to your motion path
  • We noticed that the route steps during trip are not changing. This is fixed now.

Increased productivity and overall optimization of application

In addition to the above changes, gMaps 3.5 update includes bug fix minor problems.

Note. If you have any comments, we look forward to your letters marked performance . No letters will be left unanswered. Please leave all your suggestions and ideas for improving the app using our uservoice as well as on our accounts in Facebook & Twitter .

Hopefully, our update will please you! Thank you for staying with us. See you soon! ☺

P.S: gMaps Pro is available, gMaps will be available next Friday, April 29

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