gMaps 3.4 update for Windows Phone

gMaps 3.4 update for Windows Phone

Hello all gMaps fans!

Holiday’s time is finished. But we still want to please our users. This time, we have a couple of real surprises.

UX improvement

gMaps UX improvement

First, we reworked most of screens to make them more user-friendly and simpler in interaction. Settings, main screen and place details. Now using these screens will be simpler and easier. We also improved way of selecting map type and layers. Download application and see yourself.

gMaps voice search

Voice search

Next pleasant change is that we added voice search! You can use now only 5 languages (limitation of WP). Download gMaps and experiment.

Increased stability and speed

Also we did an amazing job on stability and speed. We noticed that our app hung up sometimes earlier. This problem was fixed and application is snappier than ever again!

Free StreetView

The most delicious we left for desert.

We analyzed users’ behavior in our application. And found out that one of the most useful function is StreetView. And for the joy of many people we made StreetView free. Now you can get pleasure in promenade in the most interesting cities of the world without counting your steps. We hope that you will appreciate it.gMaps free street view

It’s important: we plan to increase price for disabling ads, so we advise you to buy “add disable” feature or gMaps Pro (application version without adds and with all functionality) right now! In 2 days in-app to disable ads will get more expensive (starting February 5, 2016).

And don’t forget – we appreciate all your recommendations! We work over with all your reviews in our Twitter and Facebook and consider them in development for each update. Besides, you can leave your advices in our special help-desk service Uservoice.

Download gMaps

Get it from Microsoft

Download gMaps Pro

Get it from Microsoft

Update: gMaps Pro is in certification still, we are working to get it to the store. As a “compensation” Pro users will have some things from next update.

Update: gMaps Pro is the store. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


And please, don’t forget share with us your opinion. Looking forward to your reviews!

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