Simple Latitude is now part of gMaps

gMaps 3.2 update for Windows Phone

Hello, gMaps users and Windows Phone fans!

Probably, over last year you noticed we did not update app quite often. That is gone and we’re back with frequent updates for gMaps. Recently, we released gMaps 3.2 for Windows Phone, so let’s walk over the features and changes we introduced as long as the bugs fixed.

Integration with Simple Latitude

This summer we released our family location tracker Simple Latitude for iOS and Android, so that every group of people can use it, no matter what phones they have.

3 Big change in this update for gMaps is that gMaps is integrated with Simple Latitude. So now if you’re using Simple Latitude, you can just login to gMaps and see your friends or family on the map. If you’re not using Simple Latitude, you can register account right in gMaps and then use the same account in Simple Latitude. Once you logged in, you will see list of your friends and you will see them on the map. Incredibly powerful feature for those who want see significant others or friends and be in touch with them.

Built-in driving mode in gMaps

2 Besides seeing friends on map, you can also build a route to each of them and navigate there. In a driving mode now gMaps uses built-in navigation by default so you don’t need to jump to any other app (you still can if you want). It’s very convenient, especially when you have friends, favorite places and incredible search all in one application.

Better user experience

Based on feedback and telemetry, we strive to enhance your experience with gMaps. In this update we added a way to hide all controls on map just by tapping it once. Easy and powerful. Full screen map is something that users ask and now it’s in gMaps. Let us know if you like or not this new feature. Another area we improved is in-app purchase experience. Now on a single page you can see all the purchases you can do in gMaps. Easy to see and understand, also brings clarify in terms of what features are offered.


There is a subtle new feature introduced with new in-app experience and Simple Latitude integration. There is now a way to keep your gMaps in-app purchases when you have to change your live id.

Login with Simple Latitude or signup directly in gMaps and sync your in-app purchases and you will be able to keep them when you move to another live id (microsoft account).
We’re interested in hearing more feedback on that feature, please write us an email or comment what you think about it.


More things are coming

We’re focused on having continuous updates for gMaps and bringing more and more new features, delivering stability within the app and making your experience better. Please let us know what you think about this update. Go to the uservoice for gMaps and vote for features you need or share your ideas on new things you want to see in gMaps.

Your feedback is what makes gMaps great. Thank you!

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