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Ultimate Simple Latitude update for your iPhone and Android

Good day Simple Latitude user!

We have good news for you and glad to announce that a massive update for the Simple Latitude app has been published to the App Store and the Play Market! We’ve added a lot of cool new features, refactored existing and implemented your suggestions. We hope that you will like them and some of the list are below

Fundamentally new interface

Now you have all your data in one place. You history, friends, invitations, privacy settings, everything is there. The new handy friend list allows you to easily manage friends, send/accept requests, configure privacy, and many more features are there. The new profile page has lots of new user interaction features as well:
– ping the selected user (ask user to update his location)
– email to the user
– call/sms him
– route to the location of the selected user (if known)

Simple Latitude - Handy Friends List Simple Latitude - new user interaction features


Privacy settings for you and your friends

We have added new and powerful way to manage privacy for your location within the app. You can change the privacy settings in your profile:
– Exact Location and History (will be available in the next versions)
– Exact Location
– Rough Location (shows city, country)
– Do not share my Location
Also you can set the privacy settings for selected friends which makes the configuration to be really flexible and complete.

Simple Latitude - Privacy settings for you and your friends

Simple Latitude – Privacy settings for you and your friends


Location history

Now you can choose an interval for your location history displayed on the map. It could be a day, week, month or all available history. We have also added ability to export the history for a given interval and send it to your email. You can use your favorite location tools like to load the files in universal format like KML and GPX.

Simple Latitude - More control for account settings


Push notifications support

We finally added support for push notifications. You will never miss a friend or ping requests any more. Push notifications are sent on:
– Friend request
– Confirmed friendship
– Ping (request to update your location)

Simple Latitude - Push Notifications


Battery and other improvements

– Optimized for low battery background location tracking (really low, only 1% of your battery is used for normal phone usage)
– Stores locations when you are offline and processes them in batches to save your data and battery
– Became even more stable and reliable in terms of foreground and background location tracking

Thank you for being our user! We are listening to your feedback and want to know your thoughts about the update. Tell us your feedback!

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