New brain teaser and time killer game - Luau Connect

New brain teaser and time killer game – Luau Connect

Finally! Let’s escape from serious things and meetings and have some fun with new interesting game from DreamTeam!

Our new brain teaser and timer killer game is called Luau Connect. You need to connect two or more cells of similar color to make them disappear. By the way, Luau – is the Hawaiian word “game.”

After installing the game  you’ll see a guide how to play the game.

But if you want to be more proficient in it and get additional moves and points, read the rules and details below.

So, the rules of the game are simple:

1) You can select cells of the same color horizontally and vertically. You cannot select cells diagonally.

Luau Connect tips and tricks - connect cells of same color

2) The field moves to the direction of the last selected connection. This rule affects from where the new cells appear. That makes game more unusual and gives additional flexibility and tools to manage the board.Luau Connect. To play better make sure you know how the board will be transformed after the move

3) You have a wildcard cell and you can connect it to any color. It means that you can continue your selection with different color. You get a wildcard every 5th move.Luau Connect - to get more points and moves use wildcard cells.

4) The longer selection is the more points you get (for example, a chain of 6 elements will give more points than 2 chains of 3 elements)Luau Connect - you can get very long chains thus getting much more bonus points for free

5) The long chains provide additional moves, for example, for 4 elements you do not loose the current move, 6 elements get a +1 move, and so on.Luau Connect - to get more moves build longer chains. This will give you some bonus points as well

By the way, if you have selected some cells and realized that you found a better way, the selection can be cancelled. Just deselect these cells in the reverse order, or tap on the screen a second finger – and the selection will disappear.

The field is saved after each move. That is, at any point in the game you can close the application and when you open it again you’ll be back to the same move, on which you finished. Very convenient to play in metro, during commute or any time you have spare minute. And remember, you are training your brain, that also counts!

Luau Connect - kids love this game and are playing with parentsDuring the development of Luau Connect, we were interested to know whether users will like it. Therefore, while the game was not published yet, we shared it with our friends. I want to say that we are very pleased with the results! Luau Connect is really addictive. As our “testers” have noticed that even more interesting to play together, the moves are more efficient and playing together is always more fun.


Development is not finished yet. Now we are adding an ability to follow the gamers records from all over the world and among friends. For that you will need to link Facebook account. We also continue to work on new features, which will appear during playing the game, as always. Make sure you shared your opinion and left reviews about the new Luau Connect game!

Download game now for free

Get Luau Connect game in for for iOS and Android. Soon you will see it in Windows Phone store.

Have a good game and share your records, folks!

Download new free brain teaser and time killer game Luau Connect for iOS Download new free brain teaser and time killer game Luau Connect for Android