WarGame! A new game for Windows 8

WarGame! A new game for Windows 8

Hello, guys!

It’s time to digress a little and learn a new game from DreamTeam!



WarGame is a not a classic but still a tower defense strategy. Game genre tower defence with elements of RTS. It has Wood Technology.



Big world divides into sectors. The point of the game in the gradual conquest of the hostile planet and capture resource sources.

You have Simultaneous development in several sectors. Use The tactics diversity due to variations in the combination of static and mobile protection and Protection of the tower and mobile combat units will help you to win.

War1 TechTree War2


So, If you are lucky then you can probably win! 😉


Let's outline some basic rules:
 1. There are 3 types of resources.
 2. There are multiple locations, you start on the first one and can then move to other locations by using transport toolbar in bottom right part of screen.
 3. You are given 2 planes. Smaller heals and constructs buildings. Larger one gives you more defense power against creeps.
 4. Every building consumes power. Power stations provide that power.
 5. Some actions depend on technology research.
 6. Before upgrading anything to level X you need to upgrade Command Center (main building) to that level X.

WarGame is in beta state now and we really need your feedback!

So, Let’s start! And we’ll see who win 😉

download wargame for windows store