Beta testing of Simple Latitude for Android is opened!

Beta testing of Simple Latitude for Android is opened!


We glad to announce that Simple Latitude has been published to the Play Market:

Finally! We are at the finish line in Simple Latitude for Android development! And now all of you can test this new application already.

The new Android version has almost all features that have apps for Windows Phone and iOS.










The main features of Simple Latitude:

1. Support fast authentication (you can create an account or use Anonymous Id)
2. Updates your location and accuracy at Simple Latitude service
3. Displays accepted friends on the map and in the list
4. Shows your location, location accuracy and timestamp on the map
5. Works in following modes:
– foreground (upon startup and user request)
– background (every 10-20 minutes)
– terminated (on significant location change)
6. Auto-updates your location upon startup or manually by request, in background mode and even when your app is terminated.
7. Search for users and send them invites to connect.

And of course this is not the final version of the app! Very soon the new version of Simple Latitude will be at Play Market! But now, as I’ve already told, you have the opportunity to take part in beta testing of Simple Latitude app for Android.

How access beta testing:
1. Join the testing group ->here<-
2. Download beta version of Simple Latitude ->here<-

So, please, join, download and feel free to find issues like a real tester!