Simple Latitude hits iOS

Simple Latitude hits iOS

Hey there!

Good news for iOS owners: now Simple Latitude is for iOS devices too!

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A lot of Windows Phone users are use this app and already familiar with all the charms of this application. If someone don’t understand yet what I am speaking about, you can find a detailed description of the application ->here<-

And since Simple Latitude appeared in Windows Phone Store a lot had changed, I mean the update brought the app many interesting and useful features.


35_screen4So, iOS app has the same features as Windows Phone one. Since the last update you can enjoy one of the main features of the app: now you can search friends right in the app, send and eccept invitations of your friends. And then it will be easyly to see where your friends are on the map. You also can already set your photo or any picture you like as avatar.



And all that remains for me to do is to list Main features of Simple Latitude, that you will meet in iOS version of the app:
  1. Support fast authentication (you can create an account or use Anonymous Id)
  2. Updates your location and accuracy at Simple Latitude service
  3. Displays accepted friends on the map
  4. Shows your location, location accuracy and timestamp on the map
  5. Works in following modes:
    • foreground (upon startup and user request)
    • background (every 10-20 minutes)
    • terminated (on significant location change)
  6. Auto-updates your location upon startup or manually by request, in background mode and even when your app is terminated.

All of these goods can be on your iOS devises! You should just go to iStore and download the app. And don’t forget to share your feedbacks with us.






By the way! The Android version of Simple Latitude coming soon! Stay tuned