The first cross-platform game - Run, Forest, Run!

The first cross-platform game – Run, Forest, Run!

As you already know we’ve made some games, we have cross-platform application, but we had no cross-platform games yet. So, on Microsoft, Nokia & Unity conferences in New York we’ve fried Unity and it was really A1!

Now, let me introduce you our the first cross-platform Unity game Run, Forest, Run!












This game is something like Mario. You should run, jump over the water, jump through/on snails. All these movements produced by a swiping. Nothing complicated, no need to think, you just need to act! This game get us back to our childhood.






Download the game on your phone:







[ iOS coming soon]

You can also find Runner for your Windows 8 device:

download QR for Cortana (Bing Vision shortcut)



Runner is just our first Unity experiment. It proved worthy! We liked it and we plan to do more games.

So, please, try it and we are looking forward your feedbacks!