Lock Screen Mosaic update and even more...

Lock Screen Mosaic update and even more…

Hello, Dear Users!

Today I would like to talk about the lock screen of your Windows Phones.

Do you agree that standard pictures are boring? Or some photo that you want to change but all the time you forget about it becomes annoyed. Or you just have no time to looking for the new picture and set it to your lock screen…

It takes a lot time, which is really precious for all of us. That’s why we’ve made such an application as Lock Screen Mosaic. Some of us could already tried this app. The previous application version Overview you can find ->here<-

And now I would like to introduce you the new 2.0 version of Lock Screen Mosaic!


This app will never let you see the same picture on your lock screen all the time. To let the app work you just need to install it and choose the place where the app should take pictures to generate them to your lock screen

You can use THREE media sources now:
1. Local photos
2. Instagram (you can choose my feed/my posts/hashtag/popular/likes source)
3. FLICKR (you can choose recent/nearby/hashtag/popular/posted/likes source)
4. More sources are coming soon (FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, etc)

You also can choose how often will your lock screen update: every hour, every day… And the app will work as your watches! 🙂



As you already know the application allows you to make mosaics of any images you like or your favorite pictures and set it into the lock screen of your phone. Now the app can generate the new type of mosaic – Tiles. We’ve also stabilized work in background. Now the application will continue to update the screen in the background on a permanent basis.         ______________________________________________________________________________________

And of course… We know that a lot of us has Instagram accounts where is already a lot of photos that we would like to see on the lock screen and other providers are out of need.

logo_300_instaFor the special fans of Instagram we’ve released a single branded version of the mosaic – Instagram Lock Screen.




This application allows you to generate photos only from Instagram.  And you will always be familiar with all new in Instagram.

You can choose the following types of source:
1. my feed
2. my posts
3. hashtag
4. popular

In this app you have choice between Polaroid and Tiles mosaic types too.

You also get ability to monitor you background launches. And as a bonus you will get phrase of a day on your lock screen and ability to share it via NFC.


So, you have only choose the app you like more, install it and try all goods.

And as usual we are looking forward to your reviews!

  Lock Screen Mosaic    Instagram Lock Screen
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