The returning of improved gMaps!

The returning of improved gMaps!

Dear gMaps users!

You didn’t hear about gMaps for a long time. And we are very sorry for that. But now we are here and we are hasten to inform you about the latest news regarding our favorite maps!


The new version has been recently released and it is brought a lot of goods! Let’s see…
  • First of all is the main bug ‘tap and hold’ were fixed. Now this feature works even better.
  • We’ve fixed most of critical errors reported by you. And we want to thank you for sending us your reports. Only because of you we are getting rid of them!
  • route_restrictions_gmapsLocalization is updated.
  • Every step of the route of public transport now contains instruction what station should you follow the next.
  • The route planning buttons are bigger now.
  • Even route restrictions now switching with icons and the new ability is to choose 2 options simultaneously.

One more new feature in gMaps that we would like to highlight is Raw GPS data. With this feature you can track your location to the smallest details, such as heading of the compass, speed, exact latitude, longitude and even altitude values!


Testing this new feature was not easy, but really interesting for us 🙂






One more time, we are sorry for our absence for so long time, but it was not in vain. Released version is just a quick update before the upcoming version 3.0! And we have really great plans for it. Interesting? Let’s see what this version is about to include:

– New search and routes with Waypoints
– Integration with Simple Latitude (replacement of Google Latitude)
– Integration with Local Appointments (NEW)
– And another useful features, that all of you create and vote for on our Uservoice Forum!

More and more times: sorry for the silence. Now we are here, we are listening and always ready to help.

gMaps v2.9 is already in the store. So, please, enjoy and feel free to left your feedback!
Have a good day!