Meet the update of Simple Latitude.

Meet the update of Simple Latitude.

Not long time passed since the resurrection of Simple Latitude and we are ready to introduce you the update of the application!

Simple Latitude for Windows Phone v3.1 at your service

We have to say, that for such a little time a lot interesting stuff were brought into the app.


Everyone who has already used this app knows, that there is no need to create an account to use Simple Latitude. You can login as an anonymous user and the app will track your location history for you.



But what about socialization? Now we’ve added some features for authenticated users only which allows you to be connected with your friends and relatives. And we know that you wouldn’t like to lose your existing history. You should not worry about it! All the history that you have accumulated while using the application as anonymous users will be merged into your new created account! Moreover you can continue use the app as an anonymous user with limited functionality.


One of the most important features is friend list and connections. You can find friends right in the app, send them your invitations and accept theirs. All your friends are listed in the separate screen and sorted by distance. On the main screen we have added 2 buttons which can help you to show/hide friends on the map and to show/hide history of your trips. And we also improved history tracking algorithms to avoid extra data to be send and stored.

So, let’s make a conclusion about new options of Simple Latitude v3.1:
1. account creation
2. anonymous history migration
3. search for friends and send invitations
4. friends on the map
5. list of friends sorted by distance
6. new efficient algorithms of the location history tracking
7. windows phone 7.x support!

Well, the update is really useful and we think that it is something what you were waiting for, and even more!

Please, download, use and don’t forgot to share your experiences with us!