Updated Phone Dialer is already waiting for you in Market.

Updated Phone Dialer is already waiting for you in Market.

So, Phone Dialer. Familiar name, right? A long time ago we all got acquainted with this application and enjoyed all the pleasures. And now it’s time to try out the new features of this wonderful dialer!

phone_diaterNow Phone Dialer is supported on Windows Phone 8! Supported on this platform and 3 tile sizes, now surely will not miss to click the icon 🙂

A very useful function of saving the app into the phone memory Fast app resume. You just need not to close the app, but tap the Win key to minimize the application. And any time you can turn back to the necessary contact. This feature is actual only for WP8 devices.





Also you can track the length and the date of the conversation.

phone_dialer_birthdays phone_dialer_live_tile








And the main feature of this release – is Tracking the date of Birthdays your contacts! Now there is a separate page with the list of Birthdays for today and the option of the Fast calling these contacts. Useful, isn’t it? We all are clearly understanding that it is not real to look through this page every day not to miss a friend’s Birthday, to this case we’ve made the following feature: Now you can find the Birthdays of your friends on the Live Tile. It is really useful for all of us because it is really impossible to keep all dates and events in our minds.

Also we’ve fixed the bug of adding calls into a call history.

Now let’s make a conclusion…
Changelog of the Phone Diater v2.0:
+ windows phone 8 support
+ fast resume
+ 3 tile sizes
+ upcoming birthdays alerts (live tile + page)
+ call duration and date

Dear users, the app becomes better and more useful for you with every single release! So, please, download, try and don’t forget to left your feedbacks about the Phone Dialer app!