Simple Latitude is alive again!

Simple Latitude is alive again!


We have an important announcement for you in the begging of the 2014! Are you interested?

First, let us recall what the perfect opportunity gave us Google when proposed a universal thing like Google Latitude. It tracked your location and helped to stay connected with your close friends. It was an easy, fast and reliable way to see your family, children, friends without any additional efforts. Unfortunately, Google decided to close their Google Latitude API and make it available only for supported by Google platforms… and Windows Phone is not the one which is supported. We’ve been waiting for Google to come up with new API, were looking for an alternative solutions but nothing happened.

So let’s talk about the subject! Realizing that we won’t get any good news about Google Latitude for Windows Phone, we decided to make our own Simple Latitude service and we did it!

For your attention – Simple Latitude for Windows Phone!




It is a first version which will be improved and be evolved based on your feedback. It became more convenient and useful tool than an old one. The service is unique for Windows Phone. To make it really easy to start we use the anonymous windows live id account to authenticate you, that is why no need to enter a username/password in order to start using the application. You can even re-install the app or launch it on another Windows Phone using the same live id account and your data will be safe and available. And don’t worry about security, we are storing your data at the Microsoft Azure secure servers using a secure connection.

The main idea is to track the user’s location and keep the story of his adventures. By the way, now the history can be viewed directly from the application. Simple Latitude keep work as in active mode, such in background (data is updated every half hour).

All this is available for you! And further more!

And only your feedback could make it even better while we planning new features like:
– Account based authentication (using username and password)
– Friends and Social Network (you can connect with your friends and see them on the map)
– Friends alerts if any of your friends is nearby

Want more? Then comment, vote and feel free to create your own ideas:

Are you still there? Then go to the marketplace, download Simple Latitude, enjoy and don’t forget to left your reviews and wishes for the feature. Please, remember, that only with you help we can make the app easy, convenient, and useful!

We appreciate your feedback.