Time to relax with Bubble Break Puzzle Game for Windows 8

Time to relax with Bubble Break Puzzle Game for Windows 8

We decided to take a break and create a simple and beautiful game and offer you a little rest and try our humble creation.

Bubble Break Puzzle Game for Windows 8 is a free and amazing puzzle game similar to well-known Bubble Breaker, Same Game, Bubble Craze, Jewel, Diamonds and so on.

Bubble_Break_gameThis game is designed both for adults and for young users. Current version includes nice graphics suitable for everyone (3+) and contains 3 different levels (easy, normal and master). It also remembers highscores in each of these categories so you can contest with your family or friends.


Bubble Break accentuated in the development of children. It is clear that children are always interested in new things, repetitive game interesting for them, only for a while. Therefore, our game will grow with your child. Each update will bring something new and interesting. We plan to develop the Bubble Break game and to add various levels, power-ups.

Roadmap for next releases:

  • + different modes (random board, levels, unlimited board)
  • + bonuses (remove bubble, change color and so on)
  • + themes (fruits, complex bubbles, animals etc.)

We’re going to make an interesting and beautiful game. Here you can see some games for iPhone, that we really like:

  • Bubble Xplode
  • Bubble Mix 3 in 1
  • Bubble Burst HD
  • Bubble Blitz HD

We make the game for you, so please leave your comments about how do you like it. And of course we are waiting for your suggestions for improving the game!

Geek details


The game is developed with Monogame and Cocos2d-XNA for Monogame

Download the game

Bubble Break Puzzle Game for Windows 8 is already in the Windows Store.