UTrailMe - live broadcasts from your phone in one click

UTrailMe – live broadcasts from your phone in one click

Everybody shares their photos through social networks and chats. It’s really cool,  you do not need to explain what you see. Seeing is believing. But sometimes picture is not enough, right? And what if I want to share what I see right now and with my friends or everyone?

Let me introduce UTrailMe for Windows Phone 8.

UTrailMe - прямой эфир прямо с вашего телефонаThis application allows you to broadcast online what is going on around you. Link to the video instantly appears in social networks or Twitter. You only need to launch UTrailMe and press Go Live to record the video.



Posting  broadcast links to social networks can be disabled, sure. In this case, the video will be saved in the list of videos in the application and on the UTrail.Me website.

Videos can be viewed either from your phone or any computer, iPad or iPhone. By the way, the application is available for iPhone

So, let’s look at the main features:

  • Start broadcast in one click.
  • Automatically publish links to your broadcast to Facebook / VKontakte or Twitter.
  • View all your videos with, rename them or delete. So, if you pick wrong name for broadcast, you can rename it while streaming or afterwards.
  • If connection is not enough for live broadcast, your video will be uploaded later.
  • You can choose video quality.
  • You can turn on/off torchlight, even while broadcasting.
  • Switch cameras (regular/front), even while broadcasting.
  • If by mistake you close the app during the broadcast, the next time you will have a choice to continue the previous broadcast or start a new one.
  • The app can be integrated with other apps (If you are a developer and want to start the broadcast from your application, please contact us)

This is the first application of that kind for Windows Phone 8 and it’s just first release. We, Dream Team, have dreamed of such an application for a very long time and now we are incredibly happy our little dream have finally came true.

Why do you need this application?

Several examples for lazybones:

  • Concert of your favorite local band
  • Beautiful sunset on the seashore
  • The accident on the road (we wish there are no accidents)
  • Something incredible (meteorite or celebrity appearance)
  • Something cool from your cat or dog..o_O

Download and stream! Share your broadcast experience 🙂