Simple Latitude – a track of a lifetime

Simple Latitude – a track of a lifetime

You possibly heard that Google Latitude is a useful and popular application nowadays. While other apps could track your single trip, bike ride or workout, Google Latitude writes a track of your lifetime. Moreover you could share your location with Google Latitude friends and stay in touch with your family, friends and close people. And Simple Latitude app for Windows Phone powered by Google Latitude will help you to leverage these features on your Windows Phone. As you already know the same function you can find in gMaps app for Windows Phone but due to the certain restriction we created this separate FREE application for Google Latitude only.

Simple Latitude at your service!

SimpleLatThe application is called Simple for a reason. All you need is Google Latitude enabled account to authenticate Simple Latitude. That is it! The app is lightweight, very quick, accurate and stable. You can even see updated location all the time while you driving or walking in the streets. It auto-updates your current location every minute in foreground/under lockscreen modes and every 30 minutes in background.
Simple Latitude supports OAUTH authentication model, so you will never get login issues. By the way, this app supports 2 step authentication as well which was very demanded feature at gMaps.



Let’s look what you can do with the Simple Latitude app

  1. It supports Google OAuth authentication (including two steps authentication model)
  2. Updates your location and accuracy at Google Latitude service
  3. Shows your location, location accuracy and timestamp on the map
  4. Works in following modes:
    • foreground
    • under locked screen
    • background
  5. Auto-updates your location every minute in foreground, under locked screen modes and every 30 minutes in background.
  6. [wp8 only] Integrated with gMaps application for advanced mapping experience (mapping, routing, navigating).

Now, I think you are interested in trying this app.. So, what are you waiting for? Download it and let us know about your experience!

We are looking forward to your feedback.