PubCenter Adviser automation API

Good day Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers!

If you WP or WIN8 developer and using PubCenter Ads to monetize your app then you possibly thinking about choosing best category in pubcenter. We know how to do that.

How to choose best category for PubCenter Ads?

You may already know about our PubCenter Adviser system (PCA). It allows you to optimize your revenue by using the most profitable ad category.
Previously you have to use our WP application to browse the most profitable category and use it in your app. But you have to repeat this operation at least ones per day to follow the most profitable category.
We glad to announce that now we released PCA API, which allows you to automate this process. You can accomplish this by two simple steps:

  • Redirect some ad traffic to PCA by displaying ad control with our Ad Unit Id (retrieved by API). This step is optional but is highly recommended. It helps us to adjust eCPM stats and discover the most profitable category for your specific application. We expect here from 10k to 100k ad unit requests.
  • Use special API method to discover the most profitable category and use it in your application

Please contact us for PCA integration details by email.

DreamTeam Mobile.