Road Eye – advanced digital video recorder (DVR)

Have you ever was interested what distance did you cover during a trip, what was the average/max speed, what was the route of a trip or maybe you just wanted your route to be recorded and saved for the future usage? You could possible say ‘Yes’, and add that all these things could be done with any digital video recorder (DVR).
You are right but why do you need an additional device if you already have one! Yes, it could be done with your Windows Phone and Road Eye app.


What we are able to do

It will help you to record video for your route and save major metrics like speed, GPS track, distance, time. This video recorder supports video files auto overriding, different unit systems. You can also browse GPS track on the map and review video recording within the app.



We also have some features in our roadmap but need your help to adjust its direction:

  • Share a video/gps track
  • Write a gps track without video
  • Track route (video/gps) under the locked screen
  • Configure memory limit available for application (now it has hardcoded value of 1GB)
  • Your suggestions?
  • Rewind video during playback

This is the first version and we are looking forward to hear from you what we should change to make it better. We appreciate your feedback.

BTW: Road Eye is participated in the WindowsPhoneGeek Lumia Challenge and we ask for your support. Please vote if you like the app!
Download Road Eye it from the Marketplace. It is free.