Google Analytics for WinRT

Today we’ve updated Google Analytics for WinRT.
It’s new major version of Google Analytics, and let’s see why.

This version has new simple core that uses ga.js (the very file that is being used all over the world). Basically, we do create a popup in an invisible area that hosts Webview and do some interaction with javascript. All the code is open and available on

What is new in this version besides the core, is custom variables tracking support.
People use variables in GA for tracking application versions, device models and manufacturers and other application and user characteristics.
By default, Google Analytics for WinRT tracks device model and manufacturer if it’s not custom PC. As soon as user’s device has model and manufacturer, you’ll know that.

We use custom variables in following order:
#1 – Custom PC – Yes/No
#2 – Manufacturer – “Dell” or whatever it is
#3 – Model – “MacBookPro7,1” or any other.
If you don’t need that tracking, you can disable it using GoogleAnalyticsSettings class.

After your application launch, you’ll be able to run a report across these variables and see which devices are most popular in the market of your app.

How can I use Google Analytics in my WinRT app?

Good start is to look at howto and sample application.

The best way to use Google Analytics tracking code at your WinRT application is to start with Nuget.
Installing package w8ga to your application will most of the job. (Run Install-Package w8ga in Package Manager console)


The only left steps are
a) configure your tracking resource id (Step 2)
b) ensure you have “Internet (Client)” capability enabled (Step 7)
c) Profit! (Step 8)